Scorched Ice Inc. Privacy Policy

Effective as of: December 2, 2021


This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) explains what information we collect, how we use and share collected information, how you can manage your privacy controls and your rights in connection with our applications, website and services (collectively, the “Services”). Please also read our Terms of Service.

This policy was written in English. Any translation of this policy into another language that is inconsistent in meaning to this English version shall be interpreted to have the same meaning as this English version. This Privacy Policy applies only to Scorched Ice Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, “Scorched Ice”) its subscribers or to any other party specifically mentioned and then only for the limited purpose mentioned. It does not apply to any third party or to any third party’s products, services or practices, even if such third parties interact with you through our products.

For further information or questions about this policy please contact:

Collected Information

We collect information about you, and that directly or indirectly identifies you if you or others provide any such information through your device, our APPS, website or otherwise. The information is collected by entry into the APP or website directly or by the collection of movement, time location or other data by the sensor data or any network or WiFi services. This means that data is collected every time you turn on a sensor, connect to a network or interact with our products. As a result, we also collect information about how you interact with products and services.

Below are examples of information that we collect and use:

Account Set Up, Use of Product and Individual Profile

  • When you set up an account, we collect the profile information provided including but not limited to your name, email address, date of birth, gender, username and password. We also collect contact information so that we will be able to contact you when necessary.
  • When you track and upload sensor module data or enter other information, (including time, date, location and all sensor data) or when you allow others to view your data or view theirs, we collect all of this information.

Location Information

  • We may collect and process information about your location based on the location of any Wifi (including your mobile device when used as a Hotspot) when you connect the sensor modules. We do not track your location while you are not using our sensors.

Information in the Application

  • All information that you enter into our applications is collected and stored, including but not limited to sensor module motion data, your personal information and any comments, ratings, videos or other entries, and the manner and sequence with which you navigate our products.

Personal Contacts

  • If you provide us with permission, we will access personal contacts stored in your mobile device or computer, but then, only in accordance with the permissions you grant us.

Partner Applications, Connected Devices and Connected Information

If you connect or synchronize any device or other application to our sensors or application (such as a heart rate monitor or other fitness application), then we will collect and use that information in accordance with these terms.

If you give us permission to connect you to other users of our services and to share your information with them, we will collect information about you as a result of their interaction with you and your data.

Subscription and Payment

If you make purchases through our application or pay for recurring subscription payments, you will be required to provide certain personal information. We use legally compliant third-party services to process and handle payments and do not store any payment information.


As you use our services, our applications collect background technical information from your computer software (browser) and hardware (computer or mobile device).  This is commonly referred to as a cookie. For example we collect information about networks, devices, login activity, analytics and files that log activity.  Examples of this information are Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, the types of software and browsers you use, the time of access and web pages you are referred from to our site or referred to by our site, and general consumer behaviour through our services. This information is used for a variety of purposes, including to develop analytics, complete trend analysis, improve security, and develop profiles of certain demographics. Our services will link and associate your Scorched Ice profile and unique identifiers with specific devices, IP addresses and networks.

What we do with Information

We use the information we collect to constantly improve our service offerings and for your benefit, and the benefit of the Scorched Ice user community. We combine sensor data, personal data and usage data in order to provide all users of our services with access to interpretations, insights and interesting information designed to help them enrich their sporting experience and to measure collect data on training and performance activities. Unless you give us explicit permission, your identity is anonymous and only associated with your user name used as part of a larger, aggregated data set, and not attributable to your identity  or identifiable as your data. It also appears as an anonymous entry in among many data entries.

We use the information we collect about you, your followers, and your activities to customize your experience. For example, we may identify specific aspects of your performance and measurements and provide you with comparative data and opportunities such as drills or exercises to address that performance metric or measurement, or we may provide you with relative rankings or measurements.

We use the information we collect to process payment; we use the information to provide customer support and technical support related to the Services; we use the information to monitor and enforce compliance with our Terms of Service; we use the information to communicate with you and with other customers (including to send marketing and advertisements if you have elected to receive them); we use the information to modify and improve the Services and how they are delivered.  We may enter into contracts with third parties who will use the information to provide us with statistics, data analytics and other reports.  Some of our features may require you to opt out of participation or notifications, whereas other features will ask to you to opt in to participate.

Consolidation of Information

You continue to own your information, and under this policy and our Terms of Service, you allow us to use it.  We do not, and will not, sell your personal information to anyone without your permission.  We will consolidate information into different data sets based on profiles such as performance, level of participation in hockey, age, gender or other characteristics.  These data sets may be used in connection with third parties under certain licensing agreements to do things including but not limited to:  identifying trends, benchmarking your performance against data sets, benchmarking the performance of other athletes against data sets that include your information,  identifying new service offerings. If you do not want your information used in this way, you may notify us through the email address provided.

Sharing of Personal Information

We use your personal information as necessary for us to provide you with the Services, and for other uses that you specifically authorize by changing your privacy settings. Our Services provide you with the opportunity to share your personal information and performance information with specific individuals (such as coaches, team-mates, scouts or personal contacts) or groups.  If you use this feature the information will be shared as authorized by you.

We may, from time to time enter into agreements with companies that provide complimentary or similar services, including that you will have the opportunity to share information from our Services in other social media platforms.  In those circumstances, your information will be shared in those other applications in accordance with their terms of service and privacy policies.  This Privacy Policy would not apply in that circumstance.

Our Suppliers

From time to time, we may work with suppliers and service providers to enable us to operate our business and provide you with the Services.  These suppliers and service providers may include those providing payment, analytics, computation, storage or other services. We will only give our suppliers and service providers access to information if and when it is necessary for them to have that access in order to deliver the services or supplies in question.

Partner Companies or Corporate Transaction Counterparts

We may, from time to time have affiliated companies, including, parent companies, partner or joint venture companies, subsidiaries or companies with common parent companies, and these affiliations may result in us sharing your information with these other entities. We may also enter into corporate transactions (such as purchases, sales or mergers) involving the sale or transfer of our shares or assets (which assets include our rights to use your information), and such transactions may require us to share or transfer the information.

Disclosure due to Legal Requirements

If we are required to by law (including by court order or other administrative order or by legislation) we may store your information in a manner not consistent with this written policy or disclose your information to third parties, which could include, government departments or corporations, police or other law enforcement authorities in any jurisdiction, then we will comply with such law.  In addition, if we make a determination that use or disclosure of your information is legally permissible and reasonably necessary in connection with litigation, to prevent significant loss, prevent crimes such as fraud, safeguard our business, property, Services injury or death or otherwise address a matter or importance to the public, then we may use or disclose your information as necessary to achieve such goal.

Protection of Information

Scorched Ice uses a number of methods and tools to safeguard information while it is being collected, stored, processed, analysed or reported.   These tools and methods may include secure storage, encryption and contracting with other companies for security.  We use these tools and methods as reasonably necessary in the circumstances, having regard to the nature and sensitivity of the information.  Scorched Ice contracts with industry leading companies to ensure that the standard of protection is acceptable.

We register the Services to, and require our suppliers and service providers to register the Services authorities for site identification to enable your software to verify safety before transmitting information.

Personalizing your Security and Privacy Settings

Controlling Privacy Settings

  • Our Services are set up to enable you to control your privacy settings in the ways described in this Policy.

Email and Notifications

  • With limited exceptions as described in this Privacy Policy, it is your privilege and right to decide what notifications to receive including through or applications or by email
  • We have both opt in and opt out components of the Services.  In most cases you can unsubscribe from emails and notifications, but in limited circumstances where it is necessary to provide the Services, you are automatically enrolled for notifications and participation.

Personal  Account

Signing up with Scorched Ice requires you to provide us with certain personal information.  You have the ability to update or amend this personal information. [Click here- hyperlink]

Deletion of Information

Upon your request, we will delete all of your personal information from our applications; however we will comply with any applicable laws to retain certain information even if you have requested that it be deleted.

Rights Surrounding Information


We operate and provide the Services from Canada. Use of our Services means that you have agreed to have your information collected, analyzed and stored in Canada, and also that where you have authorized sharing of information, you have authorized that sharing in any location.

Storage and Retention of Information

When you join Scorched Ice, you agree to make your performance information available to the entire Scorched Ice community.  In the same way that you benefit from comparing your information to the information of others, they benefit from comparing their information to yours.  We store your information so long as is necessary to provide the Services.  If you cancel your access to Scorched Ice, then by default, we keep all of your performance and sensor information, but it remains anonymous and not attributable to you, or identifiable as yours.  If you want all of your sensor and performance information deleted, then you must notify us and we will delete it, subject only to the other terms of this Privacy Policy and any legal obligations.

Privacy Policy Information

Scorched Ice will, from time to time modify or amend this Policy in its discretion.  We ask that you periodically review this Policy to ensure that your understanding of it remains current.  When we make modifications or amendments to this Policy we will provide an updated version on our website in in our applications, and if such modifications or amendments are significant, we will provide you with notice of them through the website or applications, which will be sufficient notice.  If you disagree with this Policy or our use of the information, then it is your right to stop using the Services.